The beauty of this canyon never ceases to amaze me.

This is a camp I have been going to since 1979. I have been the storyteller at Ceta Canyon, Camp Buttman, or both, every year since then. This is where the idea of using stories to communicate Biblical truth in our renewal events was born. This one week each year, is without question one of the most fruitful in our ministry. In the past 34 years, we have witnessed thousands of children give their hearts to Christ. There are pastors and missionaries scattered all over the world who began their walk with Jesus at this camp. It is amazing to look back across these years and remember the altars filled with children who found a relationship with God that would last forever.

It's always fun to see how the kids get into the story. Hundreds of boys and girls are rivetted by these simple presentations. This year was no exception.



They come from all over Texas, even some from out of state. We get this shot at planting the Good News of God's love down, down deep in their hearts. It is Holy ground.


During the day, the boys and girls divide up for various activities. Some to music, some go hiking, some swim, some do crafts, and some go to BibleQuest.. Here is a session of BibleQuest in progress.



There is always a lot of competition to see who keeps their cabin the cleanest! Here are the winners of this year's covetted "Beaver" award.




On Wednesday night, a simple invitation is given to the kids in three parts. 1. those who want to surrender their lives to Christ. 2. Those who want to recommit themselves to Him. 3. Those who answer the call into vocational ministry. There are always responses to each of these calls. Amazing to see.


God willing, Felicia and I will be back at Ceta Canyon in 2013.  I am working on a new set of stories on the life of Peter.  Should be fun.

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