The Master’s storyteller in Henderson, TX July 23-August 1

Henderson, TX is a wonderful community in East Texas. Time seems to slow down when you pull into the city limits. No rush hours to contend with. Most folks there can spot a visitor in a heart beat. But there was a welcoming spirit in this community I will not soon forget.

Felicia and I really enjoyed being with Rev. David Luckert and his family again. We have worked with Dave in his last three churches. He is a man of deep faith with a great love for his congregation. Man! Has he put together a great staff. The worship leader is a very talented guy, Gene Evans. He is a dynamo! Lots of energy and doing great work. He has put together a great band there. He also has classical training, so the traditional music is top quality as well. Susan Evans is doing a fantastic job with children’s ministry. This church is really moving forward for the Kingdom!

The congregatoion really enjoyed the stories. Young and old, the crowds grew each night.



We had great particiipation in BibleQuest. I love it when kids get excited about the Bible, don't you? Many of these boys and girls memorized God's Word for the first time this week. I'm hoping it will become a life-long habit.



Here are ou proud medal winners. They put God's Word "down, down deep" in their hearts.


It was a privilege to be a part of this community and experience the presence of God’s Holy Spirit as we worshiped together.

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