The Master’s storyteller in Snyder, TX August 19-22



FUMC Snyder


Rev. Brian and Beckie Adams are doing a great job in Snyder.  It’s been a lot of years since I was in this town.  As a matter of fact, it was the first town we ministered in after we went into full time evangelism in 1981.  I held my first revival at FUMC, Union, TX.  I guess you would call that a suburb of Snyder.  That year, the pastor needed to do some business in town and took me with him.  When we got downtown, we were greeted with the most unusual sight of a car being rolled into the lobby of one of the banks.  It was a gold plated Delorean.  They sealed it in a glass case where it rested for many years.  Gone now, but it was a cool sight to behold.

Felicia and I loved the folks here.  They may invite us back just because it rained the first night we were there. 😎

More importantly, the gentle rain of the Spirit fell as we worshiped together.


I love leading worship with Felicia at my side. She has such a heart for Jesus and it shows when she sings. The past 9 years have been such a blessing as we've ministered together.


The stories were well received. These characters disarm the congregation. The humor brings down the barriars and the truth gets in.



We had great participation. The town was buzzing with excitedment. Kids were coming up to me and tellimg me they could hardly wait to come back. It was so awesome.



The kids loved BibleQuest. We had a small, but enthusiastic group of children.


Here is one of the BibleQuest kids listening to one of the stories. Would you say he is in to it?


Here are my BibleQuest gold medal winners from Snyder. Don't they look great!


We praise God for Brian and Beckie and give thanks for the wonderful fruit that is being born for the Kingdom in Snyder, TX.

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