Kicking off the new school year for McMurry University! August 25-28



This was the truck that came in for the live feed.

I was very pleased to have an invitation from Tim Kennedy, chaplain at McMurry University, to come to Abilene and speak to the student body and help kick off the new school year.  It was a great privilege to be asked to take part in this event.  One of the centerpieces of the weekend was a worship service on Sunday morning where nearly all of the UM churches in town came together to praise God and welcome the students to town.   There were over a thousand people crammed into the McMurry chapel and even many sitting in overflow section.  In addition to that, the service was broadcast live on local television.  Tim had a great vision for this weekend and it was a powerful statement to the whole community of Abilene.


The worship band from McMurry did a fantastic job. The music was awesome.



The choir was made up of singers from churches all over town.


James, the brother orf Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan.


Great crowd. Almost every UM church in Abilene joined together to greet the students coming to McMurry for the new school year. It was a fantastic weekend.


In addition to the Sunday service, we had a great chapel service under the tent on Tuesday. Elijah made his appearance here. The response was great!


Elijah challenges to greater faithfulness.


What an incredible door of ministry was opened to us at McMurry.  Felicia and I were delighted to be a part of this exceptional event.





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