The headlines are screaming with stories of billions of dollars evaporating, millions of lost jobs, foreclosures, and economic crisis. Panic has become the order of the day. How can there be anything good about that?

Paul reminds us in the book of Romans that, “we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like his Son….”

When John Wesley was traveling in the ship from England to America, a great storm came up on the ocean. John became fearful of losing his life. In the middle of that storm, he looked over at the Moravian Christians and saw in them an incredible peace. When John saw the contrast between his own reaction to the storm and theirs, it sent him on a search for the source of their peace.

We are in the middle of a huge storm in America today. The question for me is, am I willing to put my full trust in the One who has promised that He will work all of this for good? Jesus taught that if we would make His Kingdom our first priority, He would take care of our needs. Now that’s a promise we can bank on!

Don’t panic. God is in this boat with us. He is the Prince of peace. Trust Him and rest in that peace. When those who don’t know Him see our peace, it could set them on a journey that will lead them into a living relationship with Him. So, you see, good can come out of times of uncertainty.

Here is one of the rewrites of the John Wesley song, “Jesus, Lover of my Soul”. After you read the lyrics, go back to the home page and listen to the song on the mp3 player.

“Jesus, Lover of my Soul”
By Wesley Putnam
(based on the Charles Wesley hymn of the same title)

When the winds of life are blowing
And the storms are raging wild,
I have a safe place I can go
Where a frightened, weary child
Can find a holy shelter
Until the tumult’s past–
A peaceful harbor for my soul,
A haven unsurpassed.

(chorus 1) Jesus, Lover of my soul.
There’s no where else for me to go.
You are my shield, You are my home.
You’ll never leave me here alone.

I find grace here in abundance,
And it covers all my sin.
It’s healing and refreshing me.
It cleans the stains within.
Exhilarating fountain,
Come, satisfy my thirst.
Become a river in my heart
Till all the world’s immersed.

When the trials come, I will not fear
For I can see Your face.
I have lasting peace when You are near.
You are my hiding place!

(chorus 2) Jesus, Lover of my soul,
You are all I’m longing for.
I’m unworthy of your grace,
Yet here I am in your embrace.


Lord, the winds are blowing, and we are not sure what to do. It is so easy to panic when we hear all the bad news. Help us to rest in your promises and turn our hearts to you. Give us peace as we rest in your care, and help us know that in times of uncertainty, our relationship with You is the one thing that is steady and sure. We pray that this world economic crisis will lead to a world revival. Sweep across the nations with the fires of renewal as people are re-evaluating what is really lasting in this life. Come, Holy Spirit. Pour out revival in our day. In His name, AMEN.

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