The Master’s storyteller at home in Northwest Texas August 17-September 17


Felicia and I LOVE Northwest Texas. The people out here are truly the salt of the earth! They are strong in their faith and hungry for the gospel. They love the ministry of evangelism and have supported our work across the nation now for nearly 34 years. It is always a joy to get to spend an extended time of ministry with these wonderful people.


Aug. 17-20 we were back in Childress, TX.  This was our fourth visit to this wonderful congregation.  Rev. Lou Ellerbrook is doing a great job as pastor of this congregation.  The worship was vibrant, the children were excited about both BibleQuest and the story telling.  It was a joy to be with these awesome friends.



We had seen a lot of these kids at the Ceta Canyon elementary one-way camp and they were really pumped.  They loved the stories and loved being a part of both BibleQuest and worship.  I love it when the kids beg their parents to bring them to church!



God moved in the hearts of the people.  When the invitation to pray was given, they responded and it was obvious they were doing important, eternal business at the altar.



August 24-27 we enjoyed a wonderful time of ministry in Plains, TX, where Rev. Wesley Holland is doing a great job as pastor.





Felicia and I thoroughly enjoyed our time in this wonderful community.  Community really does define them.  there is a great deal of pride in the community and in the schools.  We had a great mix of all ages who came out each night to worship the Lord and hear the stories.


September 7-10 was a return visit to the wonderful town of New Deal.  (Yes it was named after the depression era government program.) These are some of the most loving folks you would ever want to meet.  When you watch them interact you are struck with the fact they really love one another!  There is a lot of laughter and genuine fellowship.  Each night we enjoyed a meal together and had some amazing food. (that included a lot of delicious fresh watermelon)

New Deal LOVES BibleQuest.  We had participants all the way from young children to recently retired adults.  They had a blast! And we did too.  It is a delight to see true hunger for God’s Word.



Each night the BibleQuest participants lined up to quote the verses they had learned.


Here are the medal winners.  Notice the spread in the ages of our winners!

As always, the real winners are those who respond to the move of the Holy Spirit and determine to follow Him.  One of the BibleQuest children came to faith during this altar call.  It was so tender to see his grandfather weeping tears of joy.


September 14-17 we were privileged to be back in Wolfforth, TX.  It was over 20 years ago that we were last there.  Since then, they have gone through a lot of changes.  They have relocated to a wonderful new plant on the edge of town and have grown in numbers and faith.


We so enjoyed working with Rev. Rich Jones and his staff.  They had worked hard in preparing and we were so blessed with the awesome worship and fellowship.  This church has a great commitment to ministry with children and youth.  We were just adding to what they were already doing with BibleQuest.  The kids already knew a lot of Bible verses and were so excited to be there each night.


There was a great spirit in our times of worship together and a sweet spirit during the times of altar prayer.  I love seeing the way the Spirit of God moves in the hearts of His people.




We are so grateful for those who pray for us as we travel.  I truly believe that is the key to the success of this ministry.  There are hundreds of people who regularly pray for Wesley Putnam Ministries and ask that God would use us to make a difference where ever we go.  We depend on those prayers.











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