Felicia and I had a great time in Altus, OK!  We were greatly blessed by working with their pastor, Rev. David Player, a lover of Jesus all the way from South Africa.  We were refreshed and encouraged by his incredible enthusiasm, passion, and vision for the work of the Kingdom.

Under his leadership, the church is developing a heart for worship and ministry that is contagious!  We had great crowds each night and the church was echoing with praise for our Lord.


The church has an intentional ministry to the kids in their community and they brought them in by the busload!  We had dozens of kids in BibleQuest! And they loved it.


Rev. Player was with them every night and helped them memorize Scripture.  The boys and girls were so receptive!


There was a sweet spirit in the services and you could sense that God was working in the hearts of His people.  You could hear a pin drop!


Just look at this line of kids who came up each session of BibleQuest excited to say the verses they had memorized!  We had to set a limit of the number of kids who could say their verses so we would have time for the rest of the program!


Here are the proud medal winners along with Rev. David Player and the children’s director, Kris Martin.


We were so privileged to be in Altus and will never forget these wonderful people of faith.  Pray with us that God will continue to bless them and increase their faith as they serve Him in this community.  We look forward to returning one day soon.




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