The Master’s storyteller in Abernathy

Felicia and I had a great week in Abernathy.  I was last here over 25 years ago.  On Sunday morning a woman came to me with a picture in her hand.  She had taken it in the early 1980’s when I was the storyteller at Ceta Canyon when she was an elementary child.  Funny thing was, I remembered her taking that picture because of the location.  (insert twilight zone music here)

I loved the beautiful stained glass windows in the sanctuary.



The meeting went very well.  We had great participation from the church and community with a great mix of age groups.  Lots of youth and children came out to hear the stories and worship.


I even had the privilege of doing a story for the elementary children at the public school.  I love it when I’m able to do that.  It was fun that night to hear the children come in saying, “I saw you at my school today!”


Rev. Brownlow had the church ready.  He started the week by saying, “I don’t want a four day event, I want a move of God”.  Well, because of their faithful prayers, we did indeed have a move of God.  I will be listening with interest for what God does in the future in Abernathy.  I know he has plans for these folks.

The kids really showed up for BibleQuest.  We had a great time with them and they seemed to have a really good time.  They loved the songs and the stories.  Here they are showing their “silly” faces.


In the picture below, Felicia is letting them know what they have to do to compete for the official BibleQuest gold medal.
Here are the boys and girls lining up to say their memory verses.


They did great on the closing night.  I love to watch the faces of the adults when the boys and girls show all they have learned in just four days!

Here are our Abernathy Gold Medal winners!


What a great week!  Pray for the church and these children as they plant God’s Word “Down, Down, Deep in their hearts”

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