The Master’s storyteller in Floydada, TX

I’ve worked with Les Hall in several of the churches he has pastored.  I don’t know a more gentle and loving pastor.  He has a deep faith and a prayer life to match it.  I was not surprised to find the congregation prepared for a great time of renewal.  I was in Floydada once before fifteen years ago.  There were many who remembered our last visit and were already excited about getting their friends to come.

We had good attendance each evening.  The community was getting the word out that there was a storyteller in town.  Kids were begging to come to church rather than going to their ball games.  I love it!


I love the mixture of age groups!  Young and old are intrigued by the power of stories.

There were many throughout the week who found their way to the altar and did some serious business with God.  He is always faithful to speak to His people.


The kids were excited about being involved in BibleQuest.  Lots of verses were memorized and God’s Word was planted deep in their hearts.


It’s always fun to watch the adults faces when the boys and girls show what they’ve learned in just 4 short days.

The presentation of the “official BibleQuest gold medals” is the exciting conclusion of another successful time of ministry with the children.
floydada medals.jpg
FUMC Floydada is a church that has a hunger for God and a heart for ministry.  One of the highlights of the week was the opportunity to speak to kids in a juvenile detention facility.  They were wide open to the story and I believe God used it to truly make a difference in their lives.  There is a team in the church that has made it their task to be involved in discipling these young people and the kids are responding to the love they are shown.

We Praise God for all He has done and will do in this community.

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