The Master’s storyteller in Andrews TX October 6-9


I’ve been in Andrews TX several times over the years of our ministry. We’ve fallen in love with the church and with the community. We’ve watched as the town has grown and the church’s ministry has expanded. We’ve got friends here in Andrews who have prayed for our ministry for years. So, in some ways it was a reunion to be back in town.

There was a great spirit as we worshipped together.  Good mix of ages as we saw young and old giving praise to God and seeking a deeper relationship with Him.



The stories really connected with the congregation.  I love to see the “light come on” as ancient truth comes alive through these contemporary characters.






We were delighted by the turnout of youth.  Get this!  They were not only there, but sat at the front!  I love it!




I enjoyed working with the boys and girls in BibleQuest.  They were ready for the fun and excitement of learning more about the Bible.


Here is Rev. Rick Doyle with the kids who won the BibleQuest medals.



We thank God for this church and pray that the fruit of these days will be seen in the years to come.  Join me in praying for God’s Holy Spirit to continue to have His way in Andrews, TX.

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