Aspermont, TX, is a small community north of Abilene, way out in the middle of nowhere, with some of the best people you will ever meet. Farmers, ranchers, and educators come together in this church with a spirit of love that is contagious. Rev. Jeff Sedberry is a rancher/preacher. He can ride a horse, drive a F-350, gut a deer, and preach God’s Word. His place is just a few miles out of town and the welcome sign is out. I so enjoyed spending time with him and his family.

The church was humming with excitement as we worshipped together this week.


One of the town’s residents commented that he was amazed seeing more people in the United Methodist Church than usually show up for community events.  The response to the worship and stories was fun to watch.  God was at work!  Hearts were touched, and eternal fruit was harvested for the Kingdom of God.



The kids had a great time in BibleQuest!  I really enjoyed working with them and they loved being there.  One dad told me his son had chosen to come to BibleQuest rather than go to his baseball game.  Dad said, “I told him he could come.  Baseball will still be here next week.”  Pretty cool.


These are the BibleQuest medal winners from Aspermont.  They did a great job memorizing Scripture and inviting their friends!


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