stainedglassStained glass window in the entry of the church.  So beautiful!

I’ve lost count of the number of times David Rucker has invited us to come and minister in one of the churches he has pastored. As a matter of fact, he was in Bridgeport over 25 years ago when I visited this community for the first time. Felicia and I had such a great time with the people here.


The storytelling packed ’em in.  We had great crowds to meet Cowboy Dan and his friends from the Bible.






I really enjoy having Felicia with me to help lead worship and work with the children.  She was unable to travel with me some in January and February, so I am really glad to have her back with me.


This is the newest tool of the trade.  A wonderful luthier in Lafayette, Indiana, made this guitar as a gift to our ministry.  Thank you Dave Barnett for your incredible gift and amazing workmanship!


Here is the guitar in action as Felicia and I lead worship.




We love working with children!  They are so much fun and so happy to be a part of BibleQuest.



They love singing the songs.  We have taught thousands of children the books of the Bible through these songs.  The Books of the Old Testament and New Testament are our number one downloads on iTunes!


Here are our BibleQuest medal winners from Bridgeport, TX.  Congratulations for the hard work and well deserved reward!

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