The Master’s storyteller in Greenwood, MS



We love Mississippi!  What a wonderful place to spend Holy Week.  Rev. Billy Ray Stonetreet was a delight to work with.  Palm Sunday was amazing.  The children were all in their Easter best and sang a beautiful song with the Choir.



Check out the hands in the pockets and the khakis.



Beautiful children.


We were delighted with the level of participation we had in the event.  We had awesome attendance and great enthusiasm.


Here is a sampling of an evening crowd!



Jonah comes alive in Mississippi.


Look at the woman who is laughing so hard, she has to wipe her eyes.  She wasn’t alone.  They loved Jonah!


After all that laughter, when the invitation was given, the altar filled up.  We were on holy ground.



Each evening, we worked with the children.  Look at this crowd!  What a privilege to minister to the next generation!


They did get into the stories!  Talk about enthusiasm!



Look at the medal winners.  Do they look proud, or what?


We are praying that God will use the efforts made in Greenwood to spark even more life into this vibrant church in the Mississippi delta.

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