The Master’s storyteller in Palestine, TX


This was a return visit to Palestine FUMC with Rev. Bruce Hay.  What a great week!  I’ve worked with Rev. Bruce Hay three different times now and have found him to be a true brother in the Lord.  He has built strong churches wherever he’s gone.  The congregation in Palestine is hitting on all cylinders.



We had wonderful crowds each evening and a great spirit in the worship services.  The staff had done a great job of getting things ready for the revival, and we were not disappointed!

palestine worship


Felicia and I had a great time leading worship.  This congregation loved to sing, and responded enthusiastically.


palestine crowd response3


palestine crowd response2

They loved the stories!  There were folks who laughed so hard, they were wiping their eyes.  But, when we got to the point of the stories, a hush fell over the room and people did serious business with God.



I had the privilege of speaking in a couple of schools this week.  Great time with the kids.  They really enjoyed the story of Elijah!


palestine bq2


palestine BQ


palestine bq prayer

We had a small, but enthusiastic group of children for BibleQuest.  They were a delight to work with.


Here are the BibleQuest medal winners.  Lots of verses memorized by these girls!

Bruce Hay will be retiring in June and moving over into our area in DFW.  We look forward to deepening our friendship with his family.  We are praying for the church that they will experience more of God’s grace as they continue building the Kingdom of God in Palestine, TX.

I loved the windows in this church.  Here are some pics.








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