The Master’s storyteller in Stratford, TX




It’s been over 34 years since I last ministered in Stratford, TX.  As we rolled into town, Felicia and I were reminded again why we love NW TX so much.  The people are among the friendliest in the world.  We had a large work crew waiting when we arrived and they made quick work of the set up.  We laughed and shared like old friends.  Many of the adults had been to Ceta Canyon One Way elementary camp as children where I’ve been the storyteller for 35 years.


Jim and LuAnn have been life-long friends.  He was pastor of one of the flagship churches in the NWTX conference before his retirement.  He stepped out of retirement to become interim pastor here in Stratford.  The folks here fell in love with this family and will find it hard to part ways when a new pastor is appointed in June.  The congregation is alive, active, and well.

stratford crowd2

The average attendance each evening was about the same as their Sunday morning average!  The congregation was buzzing with excitement and inviting friends and neighbors to join them in hearing from the Master’s storyteller.

stratford crowd


Here is Jim with our General Chairperson, Brad McBryde.  Brad had done a great job getting the church ready.  He has a great love for Christ and for the church.


Tiffany Hudson did a fantastic job helping us with BibleQuest.  It was one of the most successful children’s ministries we’ve had in a long time!

BQkids BQkids2


Can you believe this bunch of kids in Stratford, TX?  By the end of the week, over 70 kids went through BibleQuest!  How cool is that!?!?

saying verses

The boys and girls lined up each night to quote the Bible verses they had memorized.

stratford medals

Here are the BibleQuest gold medal winners.  Don’t they look proud!






Here are a couple of the stained glass windows in this lovely church.

Join me in praying for the wonderful people in Stratford as they continue serving our Lord in the panhandle of TX.

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