The Master’s storyteller in Henderson, KY


Wayne Burke is a pastor I first met when speaking at a minister’s conference at Asbury Theological Seminary. He is now pastoring Bennett Memorial UMC in Henderson, KY. The church is in a neighborhood that has been in transition for several years. Wayne is doing a great job of helping his congregation find ways to engage the people who surround the church and find ways to minister to their needs. I found a group of people who were working to focus outside of themselves. That is always the way to spiritual health. When we seek to reach out, we are most like Jesus.




Leading worship in Henderson, KY


Cowboy Dan pays a visit.



The storytelling was well received!



We had great crowds and heart felt participation.


We had a small, but enthusiastic group of children for BibleQuest. The boys and girls were excited to spend time learning Scripture, singing songs, and hearing the stories.




BibleQuest medals

Here are our medal winners with the pastor and BibleQuest coordinator.

We are praying that God will continue to bless this wonderful congregation as they serve Him.

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