Beautiful sanctuary.


On Sunday night, we kicked off at Bethel Nazarene Church, Monday we moved on to Johnson Nazarene Church, and Tuesday we finished up at Johnson United Methodist Church.  It was great working with these churches in Johnson.  The pastors were all very pleased with the participation from the community and the response to the storytelling.  I’ve been in Johnson three times, but only with the United Methodists.  I have three community revivals scheduled this year.  It’s a great way to expand our ministry to reach more people in a community.  I’d love to see this become more of a trend.


leading worship.


leading from the keyboard.


A singing congregation.


Jonah tells his story.


After our meeting, I told Monty Teeter, one of the active laymen in the UM church, about a great followup for men.  It is a group called “Sons of Thunder”.  I became aware of them in Arkansas where there is a chapter in Searcy.  That group has hundreds of men from all denominations show up regularly for worship, testimony, and food.  It’s quite a hit there.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it started in Kansas.


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