The Master’s storyteller in Titusville, PA



FUMC Titusville, PA.

I love North West PA.  I’ve been to several churches and communities here, and enjoy the churches, the beauty of the terrain (lots of trees, hills, and water), and the wonderful people I’ve met there across the years.  Rev. Ron Hipwell is back from a fruitful time of ministry in Mexico where he served in a seminary there, training ministers to proclaim the Gospel.  He and his family are back home in PA and excited about this new chapter in their lives.

Rev. Ron Hipwell

         We did have some challenges with the weather.  There was a snow storm that came in and dumped about 6 ” of the white stuff.  If we had been in TX, it would have been a problem but the folks here are not put off by a little snow.  They still came out and took part in these days of renewal.

The weather did not cooperate. We had a late April snow storm.
Even with the snow, we had great crowds and enthusiastic worship.


The stories were well received.


Cowboy Dan in PA.


It is always a blessing to be able to share stories in a school setting.  I’m always amazed at how the stories are received by the kids and the teachers alike.  There is something about this form of communication that reaches all ages.


Had a great time sharing in this school.


The kids were engrossed in the story.



One of the teachers said the boys and girls were talking about the story all day long and trying to mimic the different voices.


It was a delight to be with Ron and his family and to meet the wonderful congregation in Titusville.  Join me in praying that God will bless this church with much fruit for His Kingdom as they serve Him in PA.

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