I had a great time of ministry in Norcross, GA.  I have worked in the past with their pastor, Rev. Terry Fleming.  He has a great heart for ministry and a vision for the mission of this great church.  It is a fabulous plant in the heart of the Atlanta area with great potential.


even on week nights with heavy Atlanta trafic, we had great participation.


The worship was refreshing. I was so blessed to see their passion for Christ.


There is such freedom in declaring in our praise the greatness of God. The greatest reason for praise is HE IS WORTHY!


James, the brother of Jesus declared the depth of God's love for us all. There was a great openness to the stores and God used them to draw people to Himself.


The people at FUMC Norcross have a great history of faithfulness an a desire to be used by God to reach the community around them.


There were many who found their way to the altar each night. God is so faithful to minister to hungry hearts.


I thank God for the privilege of this time of ministry in the Atlanta area and pray that God will continue to use Terry and his staff to make a difference in the lives of the people in this community.  I look forward to a return visit in the future.

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