This is the view from the front of Mt. Pisgah UMC in KY.  I pastored here and just down the road in Jonesville during my days at Asbury Theological Seminary in the 70s.  It was a delight to be back in this area and to reconnect with old friends.


It was a little hard to leave on this particular trip, since we were waiting on our newest grandchild to arrive.  Sure enough, less than 24 hours into the trip, I got a call announcing the arrival of grandchild number 16.



Here she is.  Little miss Hannah Jewell Putnam.  Now, you know it was not easy to be away when she arrived!




We loved our years of ministry in these two churches and will never forget the lessons learned and the friendships born during our time here.

What an amazing time we had on this return visit.  I was here last July, and after speaking at the fair grounds, it seemed a good idea to come back and have a time of ministry for all of Owen County.  There were over 30 churches who participated.  Baptist, Methodist, Assembly, Christian, etc.  It was a joy to see God’s people cooperating together in reaching the community for Christ.  We met in the school auditorium.

Each night we had one of the local pastors lead the service, and music was provided by a different church.  There was a great spirit in the worship, and God moved in so many hearts!  It was a blessing on one of the evenings when a young man was introduced to me as a new believer.  If he had been the only one, it would have been worth the trip!


We were pleased with the participation of churches from all over the county.  I believe God smiles when His children work together, don’t you?









The dramas were well received.  God said he would use the “foolishness of preaching”.  I think this qualified.




Each night one of the churches in the area provided special music.  We had a children’s choir one night, Duets, solos and instrumental music.  Lots of talent in Owen County!


While I was there I got out and enjoyed the beauty.  Caught this hawk soaring over a valley and a beautiful sunset.  Just thought you might enjoy seeing them.  God does good work.



Pray that God will continue to bless this community with His grace and that the spirit of unity will continue to grow across the county.

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