One of the beautiful fall scenes outside Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore KY.  What a delight to be back in Wilmore.  The seminary is doing great!  They now educate more United Methodist pastors than any other school in the United States.  They still have a passion for joining head and heart in their approach to education.  During my time of ministry at Wilmore UMC, I also had the privilege of speaking in one of the chapel services at the seminary.  What an amazing opportunity!



I love Mike Voigts.  Great pastor with a heart for God and a passion for reaching others for Christ.  We had a great crowd of high school, college, and elementary kids each night.  The majority of those in attendance in each service were young people, and the altar was full every night with kids!  It was so much fun to see.





The worship was delightful and heart-felt.



The stories really connected.  Because we were in a seminary town, I had several students who were interested in talking with me about how to get into evangelism and who expressed a keen interest in using this style of communication in their churches.  WooHoo!




This is a picture a little girl drew to capture what she was hearing as I told one of the stories.  She did a different picture each night!  This is her rendition of “James, the brother of Jesus.”gideonshoot

On our last night in Wilmore, we headed over to the university and recorded the story of Jonah.  This is probably one of the most requested DVDs we’ve ever produced!  It has fast become a favorite!  We had an audience of over a hundred who joined me in the television studio at Asbury University.  You talk about a state-of-the-art facility!  It was AMAZING!  My son Philip flew in to produce and direct.  I can hardly wait to see the finished product.  It should be out after the first of the year, so stay tuned.


1 thought on “The Master’s storyteller in Wilmore, KY November 10-15”

  1. Mary Hope Funkhouser

    Thank you for the time you spent with us at Surfside UMC. Knowing that we have shared the “Wilmore experience” meant a lot to me. I was so happy to meet you and to hear your stories. My prayers go with you down the road.

    PS-I wanted to talk to Felicia about her traveling quilting workshop–next time!

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