I absolutely love this carving that stretched across the front of the organ pipes in the sanctuary of FUMC Port Neches.  This community is in what is known as the Golden Triangle of southeast TX. I have a lot of cousins living in this part of the world who migrated over from south Louisiana. My great, great, great grandfather established the little town of Indian Bayou, near Lafayette. Over the years, many from the Hoffpouire, Spell, Perry, Forman, Morton, and Sarver families have settled in southeast TX.

This was my first time to work with Rev. Wesley Welborn.  As we visited, we discovered we had crossed paths several times through the years, but had not met.  He told me the story of how he had gotten interested in using contemporary worship in his church.  Years ago, he went to a Congress on Evangelism  in Nashville, TN, and heard a band playing in a worship setting for the first time. It turns out that I was leading worship that year with the help of my family.  My sons were the musicians who made up that band.  Truly a small world!

We had a great time working with The congregation and the kids in BibleQuest.  See, the Methodists will come out at night!



Here are the BibleQuest medal winners.  These kids REALLY got into the memory.  Lots of verses were committed to memory this week!



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