The Master’s storyteller in Spearman, TX


FUMC Spearman is way up north in the Texas panhandle.  Felicia and I spent four days busy in ministry there and came away feeling refreshed.  This was one of the best prepared congregations we’ve ever worked with.  They had taken our preparation materials, spread them out among some of their most faithful members, and followed them to a “T”.  The result was a very successful time of revival.

Here is part of our hard working crew helping us load in the equipment.


The whole town was buzzing with excitement as the week went on.  We were amazed at the numbers of Methodists who came out and the visitors they brought with them.  We were blessed by the exuberant worship.


They didn’t let much moss grow under my feet.  I had the privilege of speaking in both the elementary and the junior high schools.  They wanted to have me in the high schools as well, but it was too close to the end of the school year for the seniors.


This was a very polite group of upper elementary children.  They loved the story!


These Junior high kids had a fun time as well.  I got reports back that they were still talking about the story the next day.


We had great turnout for BibleQuest as well.  The boys and girls were really into it!  I wish you could have heard the great singing!


And boy, did they enjoy hearing the stories!


Felicia shows here that she can still “get down” with the best of them.


The closing program was a huge hit.  The congregation was blown away by the Bible knowledge acquired in four short days.


Here are the medal winners for the week in Spearman.  We even had TWO double medal winners this week.  That means these kids memorized the most verses and brought the most friends.  Not an easy task.  I believe that’s the first time that’s happened in the history of BibleQuest!

One of the highlights of the week was seeing the altars filled each night.  Many of those who came to pray were children.  It was not a game to them.  There was some very serious business done at the altar rail each night.  It felt like we were on holy ground.


We will continue to pray for this church.  Toni Bailey is their pastor and a dear friend.  We have worked with Toni for many years at the Ceta Canyon One-Way elementary camp.  FUMC Spearman is blessed to have her loving leadership.

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