The discussion around the possible schism in the UMC has been about whether or not those who practice homosexual behavior should be ordained or married in our churches – by our pastors.  The debate has centered around being loving, open and tolerant of other’s views.  We are being asked to seek a middle way that would allow everyone to stay together, even though we believe and practice our faith in ways that are diametrically opposed.

I began wondering, what do the people in the pew think about all this?  If the amicable separation comes, which of the options will they choose?  So many of our congregations are small rural fellowships in small towns and county seats.  In most of those churches, there has not been a lot of discussion about this matter.  It really hasn’t come up.  But now, the light is beginning to shine on this area of our church and the day of decision may be approaching.

How would that questions be posed?  If a congregation is given an option of aligning itself with a denomination that ordains, marries and appoints GLBTQI persons, or one that maintains traditional understandings of marriage and historic/Biblical understanding of morality regarding homosexual behavior and ordination, which would they choose?

Here is an unscientific poll you can take here on my blog that will at least let us know where my readers are in this debate and how they might choose.



9 thoughts on “Which church would you be a part of?”

  1. Wesley… I assume the majority of people that are your FB friends are with you in Theology…

  2. John, this poll has been circulated beyond my FB friends. It is also on twitter and has been shared by several on their pages. However, I have a fairly diverse bunch of FB friends.

  3. Wesley, if you have any contact with the “movers & shakers” who might be involved in future “negotions”, ask them what the desired outcome (from the GLBTQI viewpoint) is. If it is to change the Book of Discipline wording and hence legitimize the lifestyle, a split will not satisfy them, only change the target to the “new” denomination! Just a thought.

  4. The poll depends too much on JavaScript, it took three tries to make it work.

    This is not a entirely a hypothetical question: I _did_ go to a UMC congregation because it was LGBT-friendly and active in wider issues than the congregation.

  5. Many of us, lay and clergy, have already voted “with our feet” walking out of an apostate church!

  6. To be completely understood–your statement should have “Biblical stand”–not just moral

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