This was my first visit to Putnam City UMC.  Imagine my surprise to discover they had already named the place after me.  😎

This is a solid church with a long history in this part of Oklahoma City.  Felicia and I were blessed to be a part of their fellowship during these days of renewal.  We were blessed by the deep faith of the pastor, Rev. Bob Kanary.  We hit it off great!  He loves preaching, music, and playing the guitar.  We were immediately on the same page.  He has a heart for the things of God and we are delighted we got this opportunity to work together.


We had great times of worship!  The Spirit of God was so evident as we gave Him the praises of our hearts.  The Psalmist declared that God lives in the praises of His people.  There was no doubt of the truth of that statement this week.


The Holy Spirit is so faithful to minister through the stories.  People were sitting on the edge of their seats as the characters came to life in front of them.



Just look at the faces of these kids as they listen to one of the stories.  They were “locked in”!  I love it when they even answer the rhetorical questions in the story!




We had great participation with the kids in BibleQuest!  There was a good representation from the neighborhood that got bussed in each night from the nearby apartments.




These two pictures show some of the altar response at the end of the stories.  I loved watching the children praying with the children’s ministers on the floor in front of the first pew.  How awesome is that!?!?




And, here are the kids who became our medal winners for the week.  What a great time of songs and stories we shared together!


peterAn extra bonus was that our son, Timothy, and his family came out to share an evening of worship with us.  This was the first time these grands got to experience their PawPaw’s stories.  The little one in my arms is our newest grandson.  Barely a month old.  He is Peter Putnam.  This was my first time to meet him.  I love it!




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