Dayspring in Pella, IA September 14-17

The Dayspring in Pella, Iowa was such a blessing. The people in the church had worked hard to prepare. There was a lot of prayer behind the effort and it really paid off. We had good attendance through the week and there were lots of visitors from the community in the services. The storytelling was a big hit here and it was great fun to hear the laughter of children all through the week. The congregation fell in love with the new hymns from the Amazing Love CD. There was a wonderful spirit of worship in the services.

Here is a wonderful email we received after the Dayspring.

“The Revival in Pella was wonderful. Your dramas are spell-binding. Humor holds one’s attention. I will never look at these Bible stories the same way. Then your application of truths from these stories to our spiritual life was very direct and something we regular church goers NEED. We did go away with much about which to think and pray. Thank you both for revitallizing experiences.

BibleQuest was great. We all will remember singing the books of the Bible!!!!!!

Felicia, you are the perfect helpmate for your husband. Your alto voice on the praise songs adds much to the worship time. I can’t believe you hid that talent for so long. I especially enjoyed your testimony at the Ladies’ Luncheon. What an ongoing witness! You definitely should write that in a book.

The two of you have developed such a productive ministry and it is good to know that it is the result of following God’s plan. Thank you again for a wonderful Revival.”

BibleQuest was very well received. The boys and girls worked hard at Bible memory and memorized over 200 verses in three days.

Here is a picture of the winners and the leaders who helped with BibleQuest during the week.


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