It has been a few years since I was last in Indianola and I was delighted to be invited back.  I have never worked with Rev. Stephen Sparks before, but quickly came to know that our hearts were in the same place.  Before the week was over, I felt we had known each other for years.  Indianola is a church with a great heritage of faithfulness and a great future of faith.


Indianola has built a wonderful space for contemporary worship. They packed 'em in each night.


These folk loved to worship!


I had a blast with the boys and girls in BibleQuest.


These were my BibleQuest medal winners. They did such a great job!


In addition to Rev. Sparks, I also met their Senior Associate, Rev. Bailey.  He is such an inspiration.  He is in his 90’s and is at the church each morning by 7:00 in the prayer room.  He has a bounce in his step an a twinkle in his eye and still preaches.  I told him, I want to be like him when I grow up.

I love these wonderful Christians in Indianola and thank God for their witness for His Kingdom.

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